NaNo, Seconds to Success

NaNoWriMo offers something to writers that I equate to steroids for athletes. An edge. Let’s make that an Edge.

The Edge is that you have to write everyday at 1667 minimum words to “win.” Oh, yes. Winning. Seems that arbitrary little deadline has quite the effect. I know it’s self-imposed, but, with the whole world “competing” against/with you to win, there’s a goal, a desire, a need to WIN. It also forces you to tell the story in one rush of writing. I think that makes us more connected to the raw material swimming in our heads. Thus, the Edge. You are close to your work for 30 glorious days of unfettered crafting and creating. It hurts, it stuns, it works. At least, for me it does.

I’m a very competitive person. I want to win. It pumps along my veins, hissing victory to my mind, filling my fingers with faith. Yes, elusive faith. I can do it. I believe. And really, that’s all there ever is.

Wishing you a happy Nano from the Edge. 🙂

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