Does Writing Make My Butt Look Big?

Simple answer, yes. Because I’m spending a lot of time on it. After hours and hours of labor invested in studying craft, researching mythologies, and writing here and there, I came to the conclusion that this career is making me fat. And not just physically. I feel like I’m lugging around a freshmen ten in my brain.

This shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve certainly been feeding it too much lately. With all my focus on filling in any gaps I might have as a writer, I failed to consider that maybe, just maybe, I could be, um, biting off more than I ought to chew. Granted, I need to study and research. And write. Butt, yes, my metaphorical brain butt is squishing out of proportion. It needs more rest. My body needs more exercise. And my dog looks at me like I’ve taken away his favorite squeaky.

So, today I’m out in the cold, wiping at my nose with my coat sleeve and letting my dog drag me wherever his nose takes us. I hope this helps my brain butt, but really I hope it will help my sagging middle. Of my novel, that is.

Here’s to taking a break. Salud.

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